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Step One

14-Day keto challenge

14-Day keto challenge

You are excited to begin a new healthy lifestyle, but you don’t know where to start.  With a Ketogenic diet your body will become a fat burning machine like never before, but it will take some time to adapt. 

Transitioning from a life fueled by carbohydrates to one fueled by fats has tremendous health benefits, but can be traumatic if not implemented properly.

The 14- day keto challenge is designed to ease you into your new lifestyle, minimize hunger and side effects.  Our approach is simple, to take you step by step toward health.

First, your coach will review your health history to determine if you have any contraindications to a ketogenic lifestyle. Then you will begin the 14-day period introducing healthy fats and proteins into your diet to fuel your body and sustain your muscle mass.

Our goal of the 14-day keto challenge is not necessarily to lose weight, even though but many people do.  Our goal is to get you and your body accustomed to the keto lifestyle!

The 14-Day Keto Challenge Includes:

  • Attendance to one Keto 101 workshop
  • Initial consultation
  • A throughout review of your health history by a health care professional
  • Estimated body fat percentage
  • Estimated BMI
  • Estimated BMR and caloric balance
  • Customized macros
  • Use of our online meal journal
  • Use of our recipes and meal planner
  • 14-Day Keto Meal Plan
  • Two Keto Coaching Sessions




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