the second step toward your new lifestyle

Step Two



Now that your body has adapted to your new diet, Step two is about creating an energy deficiency and shifting your fat burning from your plate to your body.

There are many different ways to lose weight but we feel a safe and effective weight loss program must include at least three things:

  1. It must provide your body with an adequate amount of protein to maintain your muscle mass
  2. It must provide your body with the recommend daily allowance of essential vitamins and minerals.
  3. It must have coaching for accountability and life skill development.

These three things set Keto 1-2-3 apart from the rest. With our Step System you to learn as you go and develop new skills not only to help you reach your weight loss goal, but also to keep the weight off.  During Step 2 you will be responsible to log your food in your journal, create meal plans. and meet with your coach weekly.

Your coach will review your progress and modify your plan accordingly to help you get the best results.

Keto-Weight Loss Includes:

  • Weekly Weigh-in
  • Weekly Keto Coaching
  • Weekly Estimated Body Fat Percentage
  • Weekly Estimated BMI
  • Estimated BMR and Caloric Balance
  • Daily use of our online meal journal
  • Customized macros
  • Use of our Keto Recipes and Meal Planner




per month


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